Who Are WE?

A little about us...

Souris West was incorporated in 1976 containing the Locality of Souris West and part of the Locality of Rollo Bay.

In the mid nineteenth century, the settlements at the mouth of Souris River , which flows into Colville Bay, were called Souris East in Lot 45 and Souris West in Lot 44.

The generally accepted belief is that the name Souris , which is French for mouse, is a relic of the grim plagues of mice which devastated the crops of the early inhabitants.

Today Souris West has a population of around 380 people. We have a beautiful school along with restaurants and lodgings with views that can’t be beat anywhere!

Old Map of Souris West
ArcLight Ship Built in Souris West
The Arclight was built in Souris West in 1898 and registered the same year. Her tonnage was 102.65 with a 91 foot keel. The vessel was 27.5 feet wide amidships and the depth of her hold 8.8 feet.
Delight Ship Built in Souris West
Delight was built at Souris West in 1894. This ship in the right of the photo had a registered tonnage of 109.4 with a keel of 85 feet. The width amidship was 23.9 feet and the depth of the hold 9.2 feet. It was registered June 26, 1894.
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